Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The List

Last night, I was mentally creating a list of all the things I wanted to get done over my holiday vacation. Of course it's way too long to get everything done over the 5 days I have to do it, but I got to thinking. This year, instead of creating New Years Resolutions (which are rarely successful anyway) I decided to create a list. Not a bucket list... although I would love to give that a go sometime :) My list... aptly titled "The List-2012" is a list of things I would like to get done in the next year.

Now, I have cheated a little in that I am starting on December 27th, but I am really digging the concept of the list. It allows me to cross things off as I complete a task, which will give a sense of satisfaction of actually completing something I set out to do. My hope is that each task on the list will better our lives in someway. So far the list has 34 items, having already grown from 27! But, I think this will be a valuable part of the list. Some items are once and done things... i.e. #30- Have snow blower repaired. While some items will need to occur several times throughout the year... i.e. #8- Clean out Avery's closet and donate old clothes. And as I think of more things (or come across new ideas on Pinterest) I can always add to the list.

Below is my list as of December 27th.. as I accomplish tasks or create anything interesting I will post on here. Boy- mission dinner is really evolving into a whole new kind of blog! Ha ha! But, I will continue to post new recipes as well because #24- Create an idea base of Once a Month Cooking recipes, make and freeze meals, will force me to focus on my ongoing struggle with cooking dinner each night :)

Many blessings in the new year! Ciao!

The List- 2012

1. Create a car emergency box

2. Create a car fun box for Avery

3. Knit leg warmers for Avery

4. Create an emergency kit for the house

5. Create 72 hour packs for each person

6. Purge Avery’s old toys and donate

7. Purge Avery’s old bath toys

8. Clean out Avery’s closet and dresser

9. Donate old Avery’s old clothing

10. Clean out our closets and donate old clothing

11. Clean out and organize basement

12. Create a “stock pile” of food in basement

13. Make dry-erase frame (from pinterest)

14. Make activity bags for Avery (from pinterest)

15. Make felt board and activities for Avery (from pinterest)

16. Create art project for Avery’s room (fingerpainted canvases)

17. Make magnet dolls for Avery (from pinterest)

18. Make phonics box for Avery (from pinterest)

19. Make name games/letter rec. activities for Avery (from pinterest)

20.Purge candles/candle holders (sell on Craigslist/E-classifieds)

21. Ebay- Sean’s collectibles

22.Clean out/donate book collection

23.Make a usable control journal

24.Create an idea base of Once a Month Cooking recipes, make and freeze meals

25.Paint Avery’s bathroom

26.Repaint upstairs hall

27.Repaint family room/play room

28.Finish painting touch-ups in master bath and hall

29.Shampoo carpets (or have them professionally cleaned)

30.Have snowblower repaired

31. Have chimney professionally cleaned

32.Purchase outdoor storage unit for Avery’s toys

33.Add shelving to garage to optimize storage

34.Make Avery’s baby book and a scrap book for each year… Avery’s first year, 2nd year, etc.

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