Sunday, October 30, 2011

Menu for week of 10/30/11

Well, this is going to be a crazy week because my in-laws will be visiting Wednesday through next Monday and they enjoy eating out. This week's menu is a little loosey-goosey so that if we go out to dinner I won't have to worry about what I defrosted going bad!

Sunday, 10/30- BBQ Pulled Pork and rolls
Monday, 10/31- Pumpkin Chili
Tuesday, 11/1- Tacos
Wednesday, 11/2- Pasta
Thursday, 11/3- Salads and Apps
Friday, 11/4- Pizza or some sort of take-out
Saturday, 11/5- Birthday dinner for my brother-in-law

Pantry Items/Stock Items: (these are things I always have on hand)
Sister Shubert's Yeast Rolls (Sun)
McCormick's Pork Rub Spice (Sun)
BBQ Sauce (Sun)
1 can diced tomatoes (Mon)
Taco seasoning packets (Tue)
pasta sauce (Wed)
pasta (Wed)
garlic cloves (Mon)
vegetable oil (Mon)
chili pepper (Mon)

Shopping List:
1 lb ground beef (Tue)
1 lb ground turkey (Mon)
1 lb pork shoulder (Sun)
Lettuce (Thur)
Tomato (Tue/Thur)
Onion (Mon)
Green pepper, Yellow pepper (Mon)
Pumpkin Puree (2 cups) (Mon)
Cheddar Cheese (Mon)
Sour Cream (Mon) * if desired for chili
Apps of choice (Thur)

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