Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 1 in Review

Well, although it was an atypical week for us, I did manage to cook great dinners 4 days this week. Okay- well the pasta with meat sauce wasn't great, but it was cooking. Thursday evening Sean and Avery had a date night to McDonald's since I was at an educators' forum at Millersville University and on Friday night we used a gift certificate to our favorite outdoor restaurant, TJ Rockwells in Elizabethtown. Wanted to squeeze that one in before the nice weather ran out and the deck closed for the season. Tonight we just ordered some pizza so we could enjoy the Phillies first play-off game against St. Louis. So... here are this past weeks' stats...

Dinners Cooked- 4
Dinners Out- 3
Winner- Dinners Cooked

Check back next week for some new creations. On the menu for the week Lime Chicken Fajitas, Apple Sage Porkchops and pesto. Mmm....

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