Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 2 Review

Wow- this was a BAD week! I cooked Garlic Lime Chicken Fajitas on Sunday night and the heart burn afterwards made me sick for a day. This weekend we embarked on our first camping trip and cooking on a campfire was a whole new breed of cooking for us!

On Friday night we cashed in a gift certificate to the Nauti Goose in North East, MD. Although the atmosphere was wondering eating on the Chesapeake Bay I was not overly impressed. The atmosphere was the best thing going for it. So disappointed we wasted a trip to North East by not eating at Woody's. But, it gives us an excuse to go down another weekend for their amazing crab bisque and other seafood dishes. Heaven on Earth... On Saturday I cooked sausage links and eggs on the campfire using a griddle. Sean's eggs (sunny side up) came out great... looked fantastic. My scrambled eggs were another story! They tasted fine, but since I only eat egg whites now it was a bit much. For lunch we made pizza mountain pies. I <3 mountain pies. So simple, yet somehow so delicious! Dinner consisted of hot dogs and s'mores. Although Avery says she liked camping, I think she really just liked the s'mores!

Back to reality tomorrow. On the menu, BBQ Pulled-Pork in the crock pot. One of my faves. Can't wait!

Dinners out- 3
Dinners cooked- 3 (no dinner Monday night)
Winner- Tie

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